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DiscoverPsych Webinar Series

Stimulating intellectual curiosity, engaging the disconnected, making learning meaningful

What is DiscoverPsych?

DiscoverPsych is a psychiatry lecture series for medical students. We team up with a University Psychiatry Society (or 'PsychSoc') at each monthly event, engaging students across the UK.

Join us for incredible talks, bringing you top authors, speakers and researchers on various topics including AI, neuroscience, psychology, cutting-edge psychiatry treatments and much more!

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College Lecture

Upcoming Events 2021-22

Call for speakers!

Are you a psychiatrist, psychologist, mental health professional, person with lived experience or researcher who would like to share their work with interested medical students?  Get in touch - we are looking for speakers for this upcoming year!

Past Events


Possessed: Why We Want More Than We Need

Zoom Online Talk

Whether it’s fashionable clothes or the latest gadgets, our love affair with possessions seems all-consuming. Despite constant warnings about our future, we are reluctant to change our ways when it comes to accumulating more and more things. Can we learn to live better with less, or is our desire for possessions innate and unchangeable? Psychologist Bruce Hood considers what drives our need for ownership and questions the extent to which we’re controlled by our possessions.

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