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What is DiscoverPsych?

DiscoverPsych is our new webinar series for medical students. We team up with a University Psychiatry Society (or 'PsychSoc') at each monthly event, engaging students across the UK.

Join us for incredible talks, bringing you top authors, speakers and researchers on various topics including AI, neuroscience, psychology, cutting-edge psychiatry treatments and much more!

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UK PsychSoc Christmas Quiz

Zoom Online Event

Do you know your Freud from your frankincense? Your tinsel from your tricyclic antidepressants? Your Santa from your citalopram? The Association of University Teachers of Psychiatry (AUTP) is hosting its first ever Christmas quiz! This is open to committee members from all UK PsychSocs, with prizes to be won.

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Prof Subodh Dave

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AUTP Chair, Consultant Psychiatrist


Deepika Sharma

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Medical Student, University of Sheffield


Ratnu Vaidya

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Medical Student, Newcastle University


Will Smith

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Medical Student, University of Liverpool

DiscoverPsych Team