​The purpose of the Association is to advance for the benefit of the public the study of the teaching of psychiatry, to encourage and promote interest into matters concerned with the teaching of psychiatry and to improve the methods for teaching psychiatry, and in furtherance thereof and as ancillary thereto the Association may:-

(a) exchange information about psychiatric education in medical schools and in other fields of education and training.

(b) organize meetings on topics concerning psychiatric education.

(c) provide a forum for discussion of matters pertinent to psychiatric education.

(d) provide information to professional and public bodies about matters concerning psychiatric education.

(e) investigate matters pertinent to psychiatric education and publish reports which may be in the professional and public interest.

(f) foster and promote research into psychiatric education, and to communicate the results of such research to all interested persons.

Our Constitution (click to download)

AUTP is a UK based charity. Registered Charity No. 325134

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